Finding Talent Made Easy

Rosner Resources staffing was founded to provide Florida companies with candidates that exceed skill requirements, delivered in a timeframe that exceeds the normal recruiting cycle.

How Rosner Resources will help

Finding top-tier candidates is the goal of every hiring manager. Even so, the process of interviewing, recruiting, and hiring can be both expensive and time-consuming. In the time taken to conduct a search from scratch, many of the candidates that you would hire may have already accepted other opportunities. Rosner Resources will help you to close the gaps in your hiring process by combining our depth of market knowledge, relationships, and use of recruiting technology.



Find Qualified Accounting & Finance Candidates

Whether you are expanding your Accounting department or are seeking to replace an important role, your business needs a cohesive team that is productive and can return on your investment. Our Accounting & Financial staffing solutions will provide you with a proven leader. We’ll handle the hiring process, so you can manage the numbers.

Find the Right Office Support & Human Resource Professionals

With continual changes in employment laws, compensation issues, government compliance requirements, and the ongoing demands of recruiting staff, successful businesses need the right HR professionals on their team. We talk to talented professionals in HR daily. We also support placement of Office Managers, and Legal Support staff.

Talented Revenue Cycle Management Specialists

Smooth management of the claims process requires the right team to support every step. The most qualified Billing, Credentialing, & Collections professionals are often difficult to reach. Our expertise and experience in this area are available to you.


Hiring Through Rosner Resources



We Sweat the Details and You Decide

Rosner Resources uses our referral resources, professional networking, and recruiting technology to maintain a pool of available candidates, ready to work for you. We carefully prescreen potential candidates for the specific experience that you’re looking for. We then meet qualified candidates prior to submitting their resume. Feedback from prior supervisors is a priority and we share that feedback with you. Upon placement, we follow up on a scheduled basis with both client and employee, to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Your Long-Term Satisfaction is Our Priority

The success of Rosner Resources is based on our ability to provide a premium staffing service experience to our clients. Whether it’s five months or five years from now, we’d like to be there for you.


Rosner Resources To Learn More

Our team understands the urgency that arises when time is limited to find the right candidate. Regardless of the pressing conditions, we will find candidates that fit seamlessly into your company. Contact us today for an immediate consultation!